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Em Rose

Solo stop-and-watch, acoustic duo, funk-house DJ

"Exceptional vocals, incredibly engaging performance, we can't wait to have Emily back"

Em Rose: Image

Unafraid, energetic and an ear for great music, Em Rose (publicly recognised under her pop alias NaNa Muse) is an artist with a wide spectrum of performance formats and abilities.
An accomplished songwriter, singer, musician, live looping/synth artist and house DJ, Em Rose has played for some of Melbourne's most reputable events, brands and venues.
Praised for her energy, diversity and intuition as an artist, Em Rose is bound to get toes tapping, people dancing and drinks flowing wherever she plays.

Em Rose: Text
NaNa Muse - Lights On - LIVE (stripped acoustic)
With Or Without You
One That I Want
Pumped Up Kicks
Em Rose: Watch
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